Lettuce cultivars A L
Lettuce cultivars M Z




This database for the Compositae species is a collaboration between the laboratories of Steve Knapp at Oregon State University and Richard Michelmore at UC Davis. It was initially funded by USDA ARS but is currently without support. We are primarily focused on sunflower and lettuce but will expand it to include any Compositae species for which there is sufficient data and interest. Due to funding constraints and the uncertainty of long-term funding, we are not attempting a comprehensive database. Instead, we aim to archive as much information as possible that is not readily available elsewhere and provide links to access information that is obtainable from other sources. We would also like to catalog and promote communication between labs working on Composite species. Please forward suggestions for information that you would like to see in this database. We anticipate upgrading from the ACEDB format to make the data more accessible as soon as funding is available to do so.

A Brief Overview of the Compositae, Lettuce and Sunflower

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